Volunteer drivers are the engines that move us! In a month, we deliver over 7,500 meals – two meals per day for each client approximately 30 routes averaging 5-10 clients per route. A weeks worth of food is delivered on Wednesdays.

We do not deliver evenings or weekends.

Some of our volunteers form teams, with a driver and a runner, which helps with occasional parking issues and speeds things up.

Some of our volunteer drivers are associated with churches, synagogues and companies which ‘adopt’ one or more routes and provide drivers on a regular basis.

We do not require assistance with food preparation, as our meals come from a commercial caterer.


Volunteer drivers must hold a valid driver’s license, and will operate their own properly maintained, inspected and insured vehicles. The use of seatbelts is required.

A training session will be arranged to introduce all volunteers to MOW and allow you to deliver a route with an experienced volunteer.

To become part of our delivery team, please contact us by phone or email.