Must I be home at the time of meal delivery?

Per Virginia state policy, meals may not be left unattended outside the home of clients whose MOW service is subsidized with state funds. Meals may be left outside the homes of clients whose service is not state-subsidized when a sturdy insulated container is provided by the client for that purpose.

How do I stop delivery when I know I won’t be home?

Current clients may temporarily suspend, reinstate or cancel service by calling 703-522-0811 at least 48 hours in advance if possible.

When volunteers deliver food, do they have time to visit with each client?

While it is vitally important for our clients to have contact with a driver during deliveries, it is not possible to spend more time than it takes to drop off the food and give a warm greeting. This is because, on a route, there are 10 – 12 clients, and we do not want to delay delivery to any one of them. Even though contact is brief, a driver can quickly assess a client’s general well-being. Also, many of our clients do not see other people often, and our delivery — though short — is a bright spot in their day.

Can my community group drive for MOW as a “day of service” activity?

We have a daily roster of scheduled drivers. To accommodate a group “day of service” would require a complicated rearrangement of assignments. Also, new drivers should be trained by an experienced volunteer before driving. If a group would like to learn how MOW operates, we could arrange for them to ride along with scheduled and experienced volunteers.

Where can I find information on additional programs for older adults in Arlington?

For information on additional programs for older adults in Arlington, contact the Arlington Agency on Aging at https://aging-disability.arlingtonva.us, 703-228-1700, arlaa@arlingtonva.us